Project Funding...

Our lender has funded projects around the world in many sectors of the economy.  Some of the projects include:
- Hotel Developments
- Real Estate Developments
- Green Energy projects
- In Ground Asset Project

Our lender will only fund projects that have assets to support financing.  The typical minimum loan request would be $1 million and the maximum would be $2.5 billion (exceptions can be made upon request).  Below are the general terms and procedures for project funding:

General Terms:
- 14% annual interest rate
- 5% origination (does not include third parties)
- Up to 65% loan to completed value (have to get an exception for anything above 50%)
- Funding will come in phases (depends on progression of project and/or 12 month reviews)

Here are the lending procedures:

-  Borrower fills out the lender’s application and returns to along with any supporting documentation for the project for submission to the lender

- The application and documentation are reviewed internally by the lender (desk underwriting)

- Upon pre-approval, the lender will issues an LOI (with terms and loan review fee amount) to the client

- Client signs and returns LOI to lender

- The Lender will then send the wiring instructions for the loan review fee

- Client wires review fee to the lender

- Lender conducts the full project underwriting process

- Fund